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Update MAY 2018:

Set 04 containing 120 pics is online now! See thumbnail preview above. Only online this month (May 2018) in our member's area, then it will be replaced by the next set! The previous set has been permanently removed. Don't miss any set anymore, become a member today! In addition, as a member, as usual, you also get access to all our previous hundreds of EXCLUSIVE updates (thousands of self-produced riding boy videos and pictures with David, Alex, Kai and many others).

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Other recent updates include :

David Rides in Ridingboots on White Arabian Horse, video 15
Absolutely stunning video!
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 23
Payom, gallery 16
David New Season, video 17
100% hot & joyful gallop ...
Alex, gallery 7
Alex riding bareback on his brown stud!
David & Thaksin - Horseback Joy, gallery 5

Kai - Semi-Nude Ride, video 4

Excellent, extra-long new video with Kai riding hard only in his briefs.

David - Riding on Pony with Saddle, gallery 22
For his special stimulation, David decides to sit behind the saddle while feeling the rhythmic movements of the pony working under him.
Alex, gallery 6
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 16
Hot David galloping bareback on his pony, where his fetish bullwhip comes in effective. So much pleasure!

David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 21

Riding Angel David

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David - Sunrise Ride, video 7
After several hours full of stimulating rides on the warm back of his pony and with his pelvis fully relaxed, Kitti takes a final ride on his silky soft air matress.
Kitti, gallery 11
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 15
David Rides on Pony Bareback, gallery 14


--- David & Thaksin - New Season, video 14

--- Alex, gallery 5
Kai - Seminude Ride, video 3
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 20
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 13
Alex & Ram, gallery 7
Kai - Semi Nude Riding, video 2

Half-naked backwards galloping is a thing! Watch it for yourself, become a member now.
David & Thaksin Horseback Joy 4

David & Thaksin - New Season, video 12

Alex, gallery 4
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 11
Payom, gallery 15
Kai - Semi Nude Ride, video 1
Pure joy, lots of galloping!

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David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 19
Kai on White Pony gallery
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 10
Alex & Ram, gallery 6
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 18
Payom Beach Ride, video 12
Payom with a hard on riding in full-speed gallop on his beautiful horse
Ram, gallery 5
Alex, gallery 3
David & Thaksin – New Season, video 9

... and don't miss the full nude riding update from past week.
Payom, gallery 14
Payom goes horseback riding fully naked!
Thaksin Rides on Pony, gallery 3

David Sunrise Ride, video 6

Handsome David is riding on two different horses in this great new video.

David & Thaksin - Horseback Joy, gallery 3

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Payom, gallery 13

David & Thaksin - New Season, video 8
Alex, gallery 2

His eyes! His look!
Smooth ridingboy Kitti on his pony is incredibly hot, like melting butter! Grab your pumping and bulging joystick... and enjoy these iconic new pictures of him in high definition!!
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 7
David Riding on White Arabian Horse, gallery 20
Alex & Ram, gallery 5
 Kai - Pony Breaking and Training, video 15
 David Rides on Pony Bareback, gallery 13
Alex, gallery 1
Amazing new series of Alex solo on his horse!
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 6
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 17

Happy 2017!
 Payom, gallery 12
Trim and muscular Payom is riding almost naked on his stallion. Very rare type of content, produced exclusively by and for

As this year comes to an end, we would like to thank all our members for their support, and wish everybody a fulfilling new year full of happiness, kindness and love!

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David - Sunrise Ride, video 5
David Riding on White Arabian Horse, gallery 19
Alex & Ram, gallery 4
 Kitti, video 3

Please subscribe - We need more subscribers, so we can continue producing new content for you, including paying for our models and equipment.
David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 16
- Extra hot!
Alex & Ram, gallery 3
Payom - Striptease Ride, video 9
In this episode, Payom is in his shorts again, and is into some sexy and wild shirtless bareback riding.
David on Pony Bareback, gallery 12
Ram, gallery 4
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 5
David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 15
Alex & Ram, gallery 2

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 David & Thaksin - New Season, video 4

First update with ultra-hot ridingbboy Alex!
Alex & Ram, gallery 1

David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 14
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 3
Payom, gallery 11
Secrets of horseback riding - Ridingboy stripping his pants off !
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 2
Kitty, gallery 9 - So hot!

Members also get a preview (in the saloon area) of our newest riding boy ALEX ! Be prepared to be mesmerized by his stunning beauty...
David & Thaksin - New Season, video 1
Payom, gallery 10
David - on White Arabian Horse, gallery 18
Incredibly sexy!
Payom - Striptease Ride, video 8
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 13
Kitti, gallery 8
David - Sunrise Ride, video 4
Payom, gallery 9
David and Thaksin - Horseback Joy, gallery 2
Enjoy these two hot equestrian teen boys fooling around on their pony companions.
Payom - Striptease Ride, video 7
In this episode, Payom has put his slip on again, but it's still great to watch.
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 12
Kitti, gallery 7
David - Sunrise Ride, video 3
Ram, gallery 3
David on White Arabian Horse, gallery 17
New incredibly sexy gallery right out of your riding boy dreams. The horse is as white and the boy as hot as it gets.
Payom Beachride, video 11
 David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 11
David & Thaksin - Horseback Joy, gallery 1
The title of this new series says it all.
Payom Striptease Ride, video 6
Watch Payom in today's new video, galloping on his horse completely in the nude.
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 10
Payom, gallery 8
David Sunrise Ride, video 2
Kitti, gallery 6
Get a very much closer look into Kitti's wet ride...
David on Pony Bareback, gallery 11
Payom Riding at the Beach, video 10
David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 9
Ram, gallery 2
In this gallery, our new model Ram rides on two different horses.

David – Sunrise Ride, video 1
Pure equestrian boy splendor in HD video ...

We from are very excited to introduce to you our new Riding Boy RAM with his first gallery. Very handsome and charismatic, Ram is the beefiest and most mature of our riding boys. Enjoy!

David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 8

Also, get a member's only preview of our newest model in the Saloon Area.

David & Thaksin Ridingfriends, video 6

Also, get a member's only preview of our newest model in the Saloon Area.

Kitti, gallery 5

David - on Pony Bareback, gallery 10

Happy New Year!

Payom Beach Ride, video 9

It's X-mas, and therefore we have a special extra update for you today! On this occasion we also would like to thank our dear members for their ongoing support and also wish to each and everyone of you reading this cozy festivities, and, above all, peace, love and happiness.

David on White Arabian, gallery 16

Plus, get a member's only preview of our newest model in the Saloon Area.

 Naked boy riding – Watch this Thai boy riding completely 100% in the nude!
Payom - Striptease Ride, video 5. Available for a limited time only.
David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 5
Kitti, gallery 4
Very hot teen on horseback.
David in Ridingboots on White Arabian Horse, video 14
David riding in his skintioght speedos and long ridingboots with long Spanish spurs is to die for. Watch him nonchalantly using his bullwhip while riding. Amazing new update with so many hot moments. Multiple wet riding orgasms guaranteed.
Payom, gallery 7
David and Thaksin Ridingfriends, video 5
David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 6
Have a really wet ride with this booted ridingprince.
 Kitti, video 2
 David on White Arabian Horse, gallery 15
Supersexy smooth on smooth bareback riding by David on his white Arabian stallion. David dressed only in a slip and a pair of long spurs.
Payom Striptease Ride, video 4
David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 5
Kitti, video 1
This absolutely fantastic new gallery with David has so many different pleasures and surprises to offer, we can't even begin to list all of them here. See them for yourself ...
Payom Striptease Ride, video 3

Kitti, gallery 3

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David Rides on Pony Bareback, gallery 9
Payom Beachride, video 8

Thaksin Rides on Pony, gallery 2

 Payom, gallery 6
Very sensual erotic horseback riding by this Thai boy.
As always superlage and crisp pictures.
David - in Ridingboots on Arabian, video 13
Extremely sexy close ups
Kitti, gallery 2
New gallery wit David riding on his saddled pony. Such an eye catch!
New hot video with Payom in shorts riding on his stallion
Excellent new gallery with David riding on his pony. See him mounting the little pony, then riding it, now wearing a hot short silky jacket with free belly button (and extra-long ridingboots, etra-long spurs, jodhpurs, cracking bullwhip).
Today's new video with David on his white stallion is just too hot to describe. Members will understand what we mean with that: The video is online!
 We are very happy to introduce our newest Thai riding model Kitti in his first gallery. Kitti is a charming trim lad with a very fit body and an excellent horserider. Enjoy!
Payom Striptease Ride, video 2
David on Pony with Saddle, gallery 2
 Thai Pony Breaking, video 3

Members get also an exclusive preview (in the Saloon-section) of our newest Riding Boy Kitti!

Prince of ridingpleasure, would you agree?

David Rides on Pony with Saddle, gallery 1
Sexy, sexy David, is putting a saddle on his pony for extra comfort and dominance.

Kevin, gallery 14
Kai Nude Ride, gallery 7
Members, check out today's update of our super-hot well-defined riding boy Kai on his brown stallion.
 David and Thaksin - Riding Friends, video 4
David on White Arabian, gallery 13
Payom Striptease Ride, video 1
David Rides on Pony Bareback, gallery 8
Payom Beach Ride, video 6
Kai - Almost Nude Ride, gallery 6
New gallery with almost nude Thai boy Kai riding on a brown stallion.
In today's new video, best friends Thaksin and David are having a blast on their ponies at the beach.
New gallery with sexy shirtless David galloping on his white Arabian stallion
In today's new video, Payom is getting a hard-on while riding on his stallion with a soft red ridingpad.
New gallery with superhot David riding shirtless and bareback on his pony. His finely shaped twink feet wear extralong riding spurs.
Before our top ridingboys ride their ponies and cream on their saddles, these ponies need to be broken when they are young... Pony Breaking, video 2
New video episode with sexy shirtless David riding on his white Arabian stallion.
Payom, gallery 5
Totally hot new riding video with sirtless Thaksin and David on their ponies.
David joyrides on his stallion and watches his package becoming bigger and bigger. Cum see him having a blast with himself in today's new gallery.
New video of Kai breaking his pony
David Rides on Pony Bareback, gallery 6
Shirtless riding fetish boy David on his beachpony.
Payom, video 4
David & Thaksin Riding Friends, video 1
Great new gallery with handsome Payom riding bareback on his magnificent horse. What a sight! Cum with him and celebrate. Happy holidays!
Enjoy our newest high-quality gallery with sexy shirtless David galloping on his white stallion.
David on white Arabian horse, gallery 10
Jumping Competitions, gallery 9
Payom, video 3
with sexy beach rodeo
David - on Pony Bareback, gallery 5
Hot horseboy David riding with ridingboots on his white stallion, video 10
Thaksin Payom, gallery 3
Super hot new video with Kai on his brown stallion galloping. Kai is shirtless (smooth, perfect upper body) and wearing jodhpurs.
New gallery with ultrasexy David cruising the beach on his pony
New video with hot ridingfetish boy Payom on his stallion. He loves our red bareback pad and the red spurs.
New gallery with Thaksin
New video with David on his white Stallion. David's tight butt is a work of art.
New gallery with shirtless David riding bareback on his small pony. He is wearing a mysterious mask and superlong spurs.
First video with Payom today! He loves to use these sexy spurs...
New gallery charming horseboy Thaksin.
New gallery with hot riding boy David on his white stallion.

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The second gallery of our new riding boy Payom, where he gets off on that red riding pad.
New gallery with HOT David's bareback ride on his little pony.
As always, extra-large, high-quality pictures.
New video episode of sexy David cruising the beach on his white stallion which he fully dominates.
First gallery with our new riding boy Payom !
Again an update with supersexy horseboy David riding with an erection...

Thaksin rides on pony, gallery 1
He loves to ride on his little pony while his crotch is bulging in his jodhpurs.

Members also get a sneak preview of a new super-hot model in the members-only blog "Saloon".

New sensual gallery with David. These high-quality pictures of him on his Arabian stallion have been taken at the beach very early in the morning and are just magic! As always, only here
New erotic riding video (HD) with supersexy David on his Arabian horse. David and his smooth thighs, skintight speedos, long ridingboots, bullwhip, superlong spurs...
Two galleries with Kai on his pony added.
New gallery with ultrasexy riding boy David on his Arabian stallion.
Very large, high-quality pictures.
Great new riding gallery with Thaksin, our handsome teen riding boy, friend of David.
3 galleries with Kai on his pony added.
 Smooth David in shiny ridingboots with extralong spurs and a bullwhip is showing off on his white Arabian horse in this new video we added today. All guys at the beach are staring at him...
Today, David changes his white Arabian stallion for a small pony, which he rides without a saddle. He feels so stimulated, and he doesn't withhold his excitement at all!
Two galleries with sexy shirtless Kai on his beachpony added
Just when you think "It can't get any hotter than the update before...": Well, enjoy today's new gallery with David, then decide...
New great video with perfect Thai boy David riding on his Arabian horse. He is naked except of the skintight nylon shorts and the ultra-high riding boots with extra-long spurs he is wearing.
New RidingBoy Model Thaksin! He and David are best friends.
New, super sensual and orgasmic riding gallery with awesome David on his white Arabian stallion.
New bareback riding video with our friend Kevin.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Ultrasexy David is now riding double with his not less handsome friend! What a lucky horse. Check them out in the first gallery of this new series uploaded today.
Five new videos with hot shirtless Kai on his beachpony added
Double update today with our extremely sexy Riding Boy David! We added one new video as well one new gallery of him.
Great new HD video with our super sexy riding boy DAVID on his Arabian stallion.
David can't control his huge boner under his wet lycra shorts while riding, he doesn't even try anymore... he is rather enjoying it... very much... if you watch his videos, you will see his boner is for REAL.
Wet sexy ride. Again 5 pony riding fetish videos of Kai added today!
Again a new super-hot gallery with David riding on his white Arabian stallion. See the well-defined muscles under the smooth skin of this Thai boy! And enjoy the very long black spurs he is wearing on his shiny knee-high ridingboots.

Shirtless, wet... and bareback!

Kai having a great time on his beach pony!
5 pony riding fetish videos of him added today!

David on White Arabian Horse, gallery 2

See his riding excitement in very high resolution!

First video with new riding boy David today. David is riding on his white Arabian stallion. He wears fancy knee high riding boots and super-long spurs, and he nonchalantly uses a bullwhip.

RidingBoy proudly presents David - A dream come true riding boy and the newest exclusive! David is a radiant lad with a perfect body who is a real-life expert rider with a sexual fetish for riding. Enjoy today's awesome gallery with him on his white Arabian horse in the member's area.

The pictures are XXL-sized (much larger than HD) and crystal clear.

Three new galleries with Kai this week.
Our members will also enjoy an exclusive sneak preview of our New SUPERHOT, cute, slim, ... RidingBoy Model in just a few days (Saloon area).
Today we added a great new gallery with Kevin. He rides far into the warm water on his stallion and enjoys the sexy ride.
A new video with Kai has also been added.
Kai Nude Ride, gallery 5
Great new exclusive riding gallery with our star model Kai on his brown stallion.
Members can enjoy a new riding gallery with Ron and a new riding video with Kai, together with more than 10'000 pictures and many hours videos currently online.
New video with shirtless and hot Kai's riding bareback on his stallion in the water.
Our second update of today is a new gallery with Mike having fun riding on a small pony.
A new gallery with Kevin AND a new video with Kai added.
Dear members, we would like to thank you for all your ongoing feedback and support! We do care for you and we look forward to tontinue sharing our passion for burning hot young men on horseback with you and to provide you with our fresh, exclusive contents.
New gallery with our superhot Asian riding boy Ringo. For the first time for our members, he takes his shirt off! Ringo is a real life cowboy, with a perfect, smooth body.
Ringo, Gallery 9
Mike, New Pony Fun, gallery 2 added
Two new videos of sexy Kai riding at the beach

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New phantastic gallery with Kevin riding on his bay stallion added today!
Today, we added a new picture series with Mike riding a small pony: "New Pony Fun".
Kai Pony Training and Breaking, video 13
Kai Nude Ride, gallery 4
 Luis, gallery 3
Kevin, gallery 10
Kai Pony Training, video 12
 Kai Nude Ride, gallery 3
Ron, gallery 3
Ringo, video 8 (extra-long)
New exclusive gallery of a jumping competition seen from a riding fetish angle.
Watch this new video with shirtless riding dream boy Kevin!
Bareback riding excitement in full gallop.
Very hot new gallery with Kai riding shirtless in jodhpurs.
New gallery with Ringo, a super-sexy cowboy on his Arabian stallion.
Ringo's cock is bulging rock-hard under his skintight jodhpurs...
Two new videos of Kai breaking his unruly pony. Sexy dominant riding.

Awesome new gallery with Sam riding bareback on his little white pony!
New exclusive close-up photos from a jumping competition. Our Ridingboy reporters travel around the globe for you!
Kevin is the man. And when riding shirtless and bareback on his Arab stallion, he is the King! With a huge erection of course. And riders like him are fucking hot to watch, too, that's because this site exists. New riding video with Kevin today.
Luis racing on two of his ponies at the beach. This new gallery is just the most recent of hundreds of exclusive updates available in the member's area!
Fresh new gallery from the Kai Nude Riding Series. Kai, one of our finest riding models - only here at as all our riding boys.
Great new pony breaking video added to the Non-Adult section.
Ron, his shirtless upper body packed with muscles, riding double with his riding student on his favorite dark stallion (new gallery).
All our updates are new and original. No reposts!
Enjoy another extra-large update today in the Horse Boys section, 4 new galleries!
Riding bareback on his stallion is so arousing for Kevin. He is always creative with trying out new riding positions to get maximum stimlation, as you can see in today's fine new video update. - But there is even more excitement for you, because let's face it:

Several new galleries with hot cowboys (Horse Boys section) added today, as well as more nude horseriding pictures (Saloon section).

Watch two awesome new videos with handsome Kai breaking/training two of his ponies... And check out the nude horseriding pictures added in the member's Saloon...


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Amazing new picture series with smooth Asian boy riding nude/almost nude on his pony.
Enjoy another large Update today in the Horse Boys section, 4 new galleries!
Fantastic new gallery with handsome Kevin on his stallion. Remember: All our riders are 100% exclusive for, and all their updates are always brandnew.
XXL-Update today in the Horse Boys section, 4 new galleries.
Again Great double update today with two new videos:
Kai Pony Training, videos 6 and 7 added!
Shirtless Thai boy Kai is riding on the soft back of his beach pony. Super erotic! New gallery, as always with awesome HR pictures.
Enjoy four great new horse boys galleries today.
Luis - New Exclusive Riding Boy
First gallery!!
4 new galleries added to the HorseBoys-section
New video episode with Kevin added today. He rides bareback on his silver Arabian stallion. Dominant and sexy!
Enjoy another Super XXL Update today in the Horse Boys section, 4 new galleries!
Great double update today with two new videos:
Kai Pony Training, videos 4 and 5 added!
Our exclusive models are the most sexy horseboys, who know how to ride.
Again Super XXL Update today in the Horse Boys section, 4 new galleries.
Superb ultra-hot new video with Sam riding shirtless on his little pony.
Super XXL Update today in the Horse Boys section, 4 new galleries!

TWO new galleries added today!

  • Awesome new gallery with Kevin on his golden beach stallion. He's a super sexy lad and has super fun riding and jumping from his horse's back into the water.
  • New jumping competitions-gallery
Great new riding video with Ringo. Ringo is getting intenesly hot on saddle, moving forth and back. Suck him directly from his saddle.
Another new gallery with men riding at a jumping competition. Ultrasharp XXL pictures taken from the hottest angles.
Today, we have a new gallery with shirtless athletic Sam riding bareback on his small white pony along the surf.
Kevin is back with a new shirtless bareback ponyriding adventure! Enjoy today's new video with him.
Great new gallery with men riding at a jumping competition. Ultrasharp XXL pictures taken from the hottest angles.
Happy New Year!
Let's begin the new year right with a new exclusive riding boy – Ron! Ron is the owner of a riding school and he is probably the most beefy stud you have ever seen. In today's new gallery, he rides shirtless and in skintight jeans on his athletic stallion with one of his (female) riding students.
Two new updates today!
- New video with cute & horny jockey Kai on wealthy man's horse property.
- New gallery from the Jumping Competitions series. See these lads riding their mounts to new limits, every detail of it.
Watch how Kai succeeds in training his pony (part 3)
New video update with Kevin. This hot lad loves riding bareback... it's so stimulating.
New exclusive model Steve on a small pony! Check out this awesome large new gallery.


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Again a great double update today!

  • Very hot new video with sexy Kai riding shirtless and bareback on a brown stallion.
  • Jumping Competitions, gallery 2
    An awesome new series with ultrasharp XXL pictures.
Kevin is such a cute Thai horseboy. Enjoy the newest hot gallery of him, where he is riding through shallow water on his golden stallion.

Today great double update:

  • Jumping Competitions, gallery 1
    An awesome new series with ultrasharp XXL pictures.
  • New riding action video with Sam galloping nonstop on his small white pony.

The hottest horseback riding fetish of two very differet worlds, exclusive here at Riding Boy.

Cum join our fetishboy Ringo on his stud. Feel his rock hard gun under his skintight jodhpurs. (New gallery)
Here is the second of the new sexy pony training videos with Kai.

In today's new gallery, Kevin gives his horse some warm hugs, while still holding it in a tight grip with his heels...
Remember, all photos are wallpaper size (and jaw-dropping and totally sexy)!
Exciting new gallery with shirtless Sam riding on his little white pony. A true cowboy gets a hard-on.
New video Series today: Kai training his pony.
Enjoy the first part.
New hot video with naturally cool (and incredibly handsome) Ringo commanding his mount.
Enjoy this new gallery with Kevin where he is riding on his arab stud.
Very hot new video with shirtless Sam racing along the beach on his tiny white pony. This mount is running faster than a bike and its low back is easy to mount and dismount. This full resolution video also includes mounting and dismounting. Don't miss it.
Again an update with our popular cowboy Kai (new video).
In addition, three new riding videos have been uploaded to the Saloon-area.
New gallery with Kai riding shirtless in Jodhpurs. Enjoy the slim and very defined body of this hot Thai cowboy. And a new article has been posted in the VIP news section.
New video of Ringo riding on his stud in skintight jodhpurs and with swollen manhood...
Hot, hot, hot! New gallery with Ringo (an excellent AND very fuckable rider) being in charge of his stallion.
New hot ponyride video with a handsome guy on a small white pony. (non-adult section)
Well-trained riding lad Sam enjoys fast riding on his small submissive pony. (New gallery)
Watch shirtless teen riding boy Kevin (19 y.o.) being in full charge of his mount, and so horny. (New video)
New Excusive Riding Boy model: Sam!
Sam on Little White Pony, gallery 1
A new gallery with Kevin's joyride on the beach. Sparkling riding pleasure!
Horseboy Ringo with his defined body and sexy outfit in full charge of his stallion (new video).
Very hot new HD video episode where Kevin gallops bareback on and swims with his golden stallion.
SEXY Kai tickling the flanks of his brown stallion with his big shiny western spurs!! This new gallery is a must see…
Ringo our perfect jockey boy on another hot gallop!
New full resolution video episode for download.

First gallery with Kai shirtless in jodhpurs.
Enjoy this smooth, perfectly built Adonis, riding on horseback in skintight jodhpurs. Feel your cock getting rock hard.

In this new full resolution video, Kevin rides deep into the tropical water on his white stallion. The horse's neck is erected in front of his swelling manhood…
Another great full-definition riding video with Ringo.
Watch his big tool under his skintight jodhpurs getting harder and harder while he's commanding his mount.
 Kai giving his stallion a taste his spurs. You'll cum in no time with this great, spectacular new gallery…
 New great full-definition video with Kevin riding at the beach on his arab stud. Boys on horseback have never been so sexy before!!
New great gallery with Kevin
Again: Sexy as hell. Enjoy!
Today, Ringo is following Kevin with his first video in the member's area: Sexy as hell. Shirtless and using the riding crop. Full resolution video for download. Enjoy!
We placed the first video with Kevin in the member's area: One of the best male riding videos ever. Shirtless with spurs. And he definetly knows how to ride/dominate his Arabian stud. Full 640x480 pixel video resolution (near DVD quality) for download.
Members can enjoy today's hot new horseback fetish video. There are also some great news in the Saloon section of the member's area.
Kai on Wealthy Horse Property, gallery 5
Kai is cumming many times in his soaking wet pants while he his wading on the small back of his pony through the warm tropical water. (Kai Beachride video #25)
The second gallery with Kevin. He decides to take a smooooth horseback ride.
Here's our first exclusive gallery with Kevin, a very handsome and cute 19 y.o. genuine horseboy we met.
As a member you can enjoy thoday's new large gallery with our sexy ridingboy Ringo. You get also a small preview of our newest exclusive riding boy Kevin in the Saloon section of the member's area. You are going to be amazed by him.
Enjoy a new great gallery with our good-looking beachboy Kai riding on his small pony.
Dig this new video episode with Kai's hot bareback riding on the landlord's $150.000 Anglo-Arabian.
Ringo is a real professional horseboy, with the look of a model. His chisel-cut and defined muscles come from hard work.
Enjoy this new riding gallery with him.
In this new video, handsome Kai continues his long wet ride on his beach pony. Here rides the way it pleases him – very relaxed, while he feels the pony's work under his thighs.
New hot gallery with Kai on his noble Anglo-Arab stud.
Again XXL-Update with 300 new pictures
What a good ride. Kai's wading on his pony through the shallow water while relaxing from his many orgasms. (new video)
A sexy tight butt, a nice package and a muscular torso deep in saddle. Enjoy another great new gallery with RINGO.
In today's new video, Kai changes the saddle against a towel, then continues his ride on the stallion.
Another 8 new galleries with about 300 hot pictures added today.
Again a new large and ultrahot horseback gallery with Ringo.
This is bareback riding fun!
Hard riding Thai cowboy on his pony - New video episode.
Riding Boy is very proud to present Ringo, our new exclusive model.

Ringo is a genuine horseboy and I can tell you he is HOT. Enjoy this new large gallery with him.
A new gallery of a very handsome twink on his pony.
Enjoy today's hot new riding video.
Again 300 very hot new outdoor cowboy pictures added. Hot & horny well-hung studs.
A new "Sex after the Ride"-gallery added. Hot cowboy sex, extra large pictures.
A new video from sexy Kai on his beach pony added.
Again 300 hot new pictures added today.
New pony beachriding gallery #10 with Kai
About 300 hot new pictures added today.
He is riding bare feet with spurs! New video episode today.
Yet again 8 new cowboy galleries (300 new pictures) added today
Hot twink riding/swimming on his pony in the water. New video episode added today.
Again 8 New galleries (300 new pictures) added today
New gallery with a hot boy riding on a large sport stallion.
Note the sexy way he's wearing his spurs.

8 New galleries (300 new pictures) added today

New episode with shirtless Thai boy riding on his pony. Wet to the max.
8 New galleries (300 new pictures) added today
New video: Sexy stud riding with western spurs attached on bare feet (Exclusive Riders-section). Also 3 new shirtless riding videos added in the Saloon-section this week.
A very hot new gallery with our handsome Thai cowboy on his pony at the beach.

Our two English riders continue their riding adventure at the stable... (Sex after the ride, part two)



A new hot video with our preferred exclusive Riding Boy on Horseback
This is one sexy Asian cowboy riding bare feet! Enjoy his new gallery with him on his Anglo-Arabian stallion.
Two grat new updates today!
Hungarian barn boys have hot gay sex at the barn, giving blowjobs and fucking each other to nirvana with their iron-hard hammers. New gallery with XXL pictures.
No need to rent a boat, ride a pony. - A new video with really wet pony riding by our sexy Thai stud.
Enjoy the first video with sexy riding boy Kai at the horse property. He's giving his horse a good workout and for even more pleasure he puts western spurs on his bare feet.
An awesome new high-definition gallery combining the refined arts of English riding with giving blowjobs. Two young studs in nice ridingboots will make you cum.
Our sexy riding boy on a racehorse at a wealthy gentleman's private property. He is every gentleman's dream! Hot horseback riding in a stunning scenery.
This is the first gallery of a new series.
Hot dirty Hungarian stablehands are riding each other right inside the barn. A class 1 fuckorgy. New gallery with XXL- pictures.

A new hot gallery with dressage riding guys.


A new video with Kai swimming with his pony really fast. He told me it is more fun than surfing!
A very handsome stable boy shows you his huge muscles and more (new gallery).
This young guy is riding bareback on his pony, deeper and deeper into the sea. His nylon trousers are soak with warm water while he enjoys the rhythmic movement of his mount (new video).
Real horseboys! A great new gallery with Hungarian boys and their horses...
Kai is a real cutie. See his newest pony riding gallery !
Hot ranchsex behind the doors ! Today's second new gallery.
When the pony refuses to enter the surf, Kai teaches it who is the master... (new video)
A new outdoor gallery with a Hungarian boy couple fucking and giving blowjobs to each other at a barn, great bodies, huge pics.
Real gay Hungarian stable boys:
We proudly present the first gallery of these very horny horseboys !
And enjoy this new big gallery with hot polo jocks on their working place....
Watch this super sexy Thai boy as he rides bareback on his pony in the surf !
(New video episode with Kai)
The second update of today is a brand new gallery with tough guys in sturdy boots at dressage competitions.
New video: Wet and sexy sidesaddle ponyride
New Gallery: A hot stud jerking off his big cock
A beautiful new photoset with Kai chilling out (and smoking) on his pony while his pants are drying.
A new Dressage video with outside and inside dressage riding by men. Good use of spurs.

New cowboy groupsex gallery with extralarge pics and fantastic quality.
New polo gallery including numerous pictures behind the scenes. Handsome caballeros!
Two guys getting their pants wet while riding in tropical shallow water. This newest pony video also includes some amazing double riding ...
Nothing equals the rhythmic muscle work of a powerful mount between one's legs !
(New gallery in the "Around the World" -section)

All updates are exclusive!
A dark-skinned Thai boy riding miles on his beach pony (new video)
A hot, blue-eyed cowboy lad jerking off (new gallery)
A wet, wet, wet and sexy ride !
Our Thaiboy in deep shallow water fightig against the waves on his little pony. (New video)
"Kamikaze" Riders in the snowy Alps - was there for you. (New gallery)
Our supersexy inhouse model Nico shows us this very hot combination of black shiny leather pants, riding boots and spurs.
Today's second update is a new polo fetish gallery.
New high-res pictures of a beefy dressage rider with a kink for spurring.
New Beach Ride Video
Our shirtless Thaiboy gets a hard one as he gallops on his little pony, along the beach and in the shallow water !
Shirtless Kai jumps on his beachpony and takes a relaxing ride while his pelvis is gliding forth and back on the small pony's back.

One can only imagine the wet consequences of this stimulation...! (New video)
HARD facts here:
19 years old smooth Jesse from South Africa cums on the pasture: 5 stars ! (New gallery)
After a long hard day in the saddle, these three horny cowboy studs finally haul out their wet tools and enjoy great groupsex... uncensored inside ! (New gallery)
The latest news about hot young polo players ! (New gallery)
After a long ride on his black steed in shallow water, young Kai, all wet, returns to the beach, then changes his pony (new video).
A new gallery with a beefy and severe dressage rider.
A new riding video with Kai: So arousing and sexy !
Hot desert rides vol. 12 added.
A new exclusive gallery with hot polo riders.
Get a boner with this hot cowboy. (New gallery, XXL pics)

Large photographs of this South-African adonis on his white horse: New gallery "Sicelo".


AND today's second update:

A hot South-East Asian boy, speed riding on his black horse !

<-- Click on this picture for a short sample clip !

New exclusive gallery: Nico in ridingboots with western spurs, part II.
New exclusive video: A demanding rider at a competition - of course with spurs. The resolution of our online-videos is near DVD.
Kai is brilliant again in this new video where he trots on his horse along the surf. Today's new video episode.

The first gallery of a new collection called Ranchsex. Horny guys fucking each other at the ranch!

About 50% of Riding Boy visitors *) are straight and bi folks who like this site for its unique kind of horseback riding fetish.
The vast majority of our contents consist of non-gay-specific male horseback riding fetish, so if you happen to be straight, you will feel more than likely happy as a member, too. :-))
*) based on results of a poll in January 2005

This sexy Thai boy (Kai) takes off his shirt while riding deeper into the ocean on his black stallion. (New video)

Riding Boy visited another polo play for you. Watch these hot guys with their boots and spurs in today's other update.

We made the member's experience even more attractive for you by extending the main member's page into a real portal with links into each sub-section and and by adding new features.

A new hot gallery with rough desert cowboys.
If you are into boots and male dressage riders, you will love the second of today's updates: Our first dressage video! is travelling worldwide for you to provide you with unique, original male riding cult material.
A new video with handsome Kai bareback shirtless on a beautiful black stallion in the shallow water at a tropical beach.
First gallery with Nico, a very hot Swiss guy in Kris' old beat-up ridingboots with western spurs attached.

- New hot beachriding gallery
- New hot beachriding video -
only here you can find
such exclusive riding twinks!!

New gallery with hot men at dressage competitions added today! Of course as always exclusive!

40 Cowboy sex stories added.

First video with Kai showing off his riding skills! .....

Hot polo guys in skin-tight gear and wild spurred riding action on sweaty horses under tropical sun.

The first Thai "hire a beachpony"-gallery in the "Around the World"-section.

Hot, hot male riding fun in the desert in a large new gallery! Tons of exclusive content is waiting for you today in the member's area.
Plus check out the latest additions in the member's Riding Boy Lounge.

Kai is showing us the details of his sexy backwards riding on the small pony ..

... and enjow men in boots using their spurs in riding competitions in another new gallery!

These and thousands of other riding fetish pictures are awaiting you.

From the hot tropical beach to the cold European winter: Mad hot jockeys on their steaming mounts, on sledges and horse-pulled skis ! Exclusively produced for Riding Boy as almost everything you can find in the member's area!
We opened a new "member's only" section called "Saloon" for members to hang out, with VIP-mews and more.
Its getting wet as our handsome Thai boy rides into the surf on his little pony!!
Kai's 3rd gallery (click here for a sample)
A well hung muscle stud, another new gallery
hot sexy cowboy And don't miss this very hot boy in tight leather shorts and rubber boots on a pony! Guess his sweet horny package! This is the theme of our new EXCLUSIVE gallery with William! Cum and see also what another farmboy has to show to you.

A new splendid gallery with our exclusive Thai Riding Boy KAI is awaiting you: A Sexy skirtless boy riding on a little pony in the surf... Enjoy the exclusive gallery of a man in jodhpurs and ridingboots with extra-long spurs riding at a competition (Around the World section). proudly introduces KAI, its newest exclusive model. Woahh! This smooth Thai riding boy is a dream! In our first gallery starting today, you can see him riding along a tropical beach, shirtless on his small pony. He is very skilled, he rides everyday. All photos of him are 1200x1600 pixel and especially produced for Riding Boy! And enjoy a new gallery in the "Horse Boys" section starting today. One new gallery with riders in Egypt and one new gallery from the Saddle Up series. Enjoy our latest update with exclusive model Mike in leather pants and black riding boots on a small pony. You will love it! Further: Wild Asian riders on the back of small ponies ("Around the World" section) and Timmy posing nude on horseback. Never shown before!

The updates above are only the most recent ones (and even not all of them) and represent only about 25% of all updates you will find in the vast member's area. No fillers - Only quality cowboy and riding fetish!




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